When it comes to specials on luxury yachts, Van Driel is a well-known name in the market. Consider systems such as:

  • Navigation masts
  • Movable pool floors
  • Tender poles
  • Folding boat seats
  • Jacuzzi decks

Development of custom specials for luxury yachts

Van Driel BV develops specials for luxury yachts in close cooperation with the customer. It concerns custom work in steel, stainless steel, composite and aluminium that seamlessly connects with the design and lines of the luxury yacht in question.

Effective collaboration with yacht builders

The cooperation with our clients always results in an effective solution. We aim for nothing less than an optimal result that meets all expectations. When it comes to custom specials, we take on any challenge!

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Navigation masts

With a single or multiple telescopic mast with navigation lights, the foredeck of a ship can be kept as clean as possible. We can make the top flush, so that...

Movable pool floors

With a movable pool floor, the onboard pool transforms into a continuous deck at the touch of a button. The floor is driven by electric spindles or water hydraulics. Details...

Tender poles

Yachtsmen use tender poles to moor a tender at a safe distance from the yacht. Van Driel supplies both single and multiple telescopic systems, with fixed eye or equipped with...

Jacuzzi deck

For automatic opening and invisible closing of the jacuzzi on board, we offer the Van Driel jacuzzi deck. We finish this fully electric deck in high gloss for an exclusive...

Folding boat seats

In order to satisfy the desire for multifunctional use of space on a yacht, we offer folding boat seats. With these automatic movable boat seats, passengers transform the tender garage...