As a specialist in cranes for luxury yachts, we design and produce each crane system to the client's specifications. Each crane is unique and made of the highest quality materials. Whether you want to hoist provisions on board, a water scooter or a 20-tonne luxury tender, we develop a suitable hoisting system for every demand!

Cranes for luxury motor yachts

Thanks to over 40 years of experience Van Driel BV can combine technique and design in such a way that a practical, maintenance-friendly and stylish crane is created for every luxury motor yacht. We take care of the entire process: from the design phase to installation and commissioning. We design our hoisting systems to comply with the current regulations of any desired authority.

Overhead cranes for luxury yachts

Van Driel BV produces and installs various types of overhead cranes, both fully electric and electric-hydraulic. We mainly build telescopic overhead cranes. However, if a large reach is required but the available installation space is limited, we can also build a multiple telescopic system.

Deck cranes for mega yachts

We build and install a wide range of deck cranes for luxury mega yachts, including jib cranes, knuckle boom cranes, folding cranes and c-davits. All these types of cranes can be made in stainless steel, aluminium or composite with a sliding boom and both single and multiple telescopic.

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Knuckle boom cranes

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Folding crane

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Overhead cranes

We offer overhead cranes in all shapes and sizes. Single or multiple telescoping, we build a suitable solution for every demand.